This public ADOM server has shut down as of 2018-06-06! Thank you!

Find the public user dirs here and high scores here.

This is a public, session-recording ADOM (optionally Sage) 1.1.1 / 1.2.0pX / 1.0.0 / Challenge Game SSH server.

Please read through the following instructions before playing.

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2018-05-30: This will be shutting down 2018-06-06

2015-07-25: r59 is now available to ALL!

2014-11-01: r51 is now available to those who backed the Resurrection campaign.

2014-07-19: r49 is now available to those who backed the Resurrection campaign.

2014-05-22: 1.2.0p23 is now available all players!

2013-01-16: released to public


Connect to Ancardia.Uk.To, default SSH port (22), with your SSH client.

If you're a Windows user and don't have a SSH client, download PuTTY from the offical download page here. PuTTY is a single executable and needs no installing. Enter the hostname (Ancardia.Uk.To) and the rest of the recommended configuration listed below and connect.

You must use the SSH2 protocol for SSH interaction! The server will not allow the use of the obsolete SSH1 version (PuTTY should use the version 2 by default). Telnet is not available.

When you get "The server's host key is not cached in the registry": this is a normal message the first time you connect. Accept the host key by hitting 'yes'.


To create a new user, give username 'adom' and password '', follow directions, then disconnect and log in again with your newly created account.

NOTE: only 3 registrations allowed per IP every day.

ADOM will not launch if your terminal size is something other than 80x25 characters!!

The first time you launch ADOM, you may erroneously be told that your terminal is the wrong size. This should go away upon subsequent launches if your terminal is 80x25.

At the menu, you may choose whether you want to play ADOM 1.1.1, a 1.2.0 prerelease, 1.0.0, and/or a challenge game and whether you want to use Sage or not. Note that 1.1.1/1.2.0pX/1.0.0/Eternium Man have separate save- and hiscore files. The server automatically enforces the rules of challenge games; breaking the rules will get your ADOM process killed.

All 1.2.0 prereleases are available to play for people who donated to the ADOM Resurrection campaign. Simply select the menu option for 1.2.0pX and select a specific prerelease. If you have not done this before, you can press '0' where you will be prompted for the details from the e-mail you got entitled "ADOM 1.2.0p4 now available for ADOM: The Resurrection Donors". Some 1.2.0 prereleases are available to all players. This list is currently: p3, 5, 18, 19, and 20.

The server (actually part of ADOM Sage) allows you to select your own birth sign upon character creation. Certain versions also allow you to reroll your birth stats until you are satisfied (also toggleable in Sage). Supported versions include 1.1.1 and 1.2.0p20, 21, and 22. Please use the stat roller gently.


In the game, there is a place called "The Bug-Infested Temple". Normally you will need at least a hundred deaths recorded to be allowed entry. However, on the server, you will not need to reach this limit.


To spectate current players, log in with username 'spectator' and password ''. You may then choose the game to spectate, if there are players online.

You can also spectate at the regular user menu by pressing 's', no password required.

Session recording and playback

Optionally, you can record every ADOM session. Press 'r' at the menu to toggle this feature. It is off by default.

You can play back any recorded game by logging in with the username 'ttyrecplay' and the password ''. Instructions for selecting and playing a recording are explained when you log in.

The recordings are in "ttyrec" format, and can be downloaded from each user's WWW-accessable /ttyrecs directory if they've enabled WWW access).

ttyrecs older than 30 days will be deleted.


The hiscore dumps of the server are available at the following address:


On the IRC channel #adom on Freenode, there is the IRC bot named Fistanarius announcing new Hall of Fame (top 100) entries, if they exceed a certain number of points.

Scores (above a higher threshold) are also announced on Twitter.

Editing the config files

You are allowed to edit ADOM and ADOM Sage configuration files on the server. You can launch the nano editor (see main menu when you log in) for writing your own configurations.

Key bindings are displayed at the bottom of the nano window. "^" means "control", so press ctrl+o to save and ctrl+x to exit.

Recommended SSH Client Settings


You may want to change the default font, too. Note that you can save these settings, including username (Connection -> Auto-login username) in the main Session window.

If you are used to the DOS or Windows versions of ADOM, it's possible to configure PuTTY to look like them; thanks to rmcin329 for finding this (Windows XP only?):

ANSI black 0 0 0ANSI bold black119 119 119
ANSI red: 255 68 0ANSI bold red255 119 0
ANSI green 0 170 0ANSI bold green0 255 0
ANSI yellow 153 85 0ANSI bold yellow221 221 0
ANSI blue 0 0 170ANSI bold blue0 119 255
ANSI magenta170 0 170ANSI bold magenta255 0 255
ANSI cyan 0 170 170ANSI bold cyan0 255 255
ANSI white 187 187 187ANSI bold white255 255 255

Terminal on Mac

OpenSSH (Linux/Unix/BSD)

In your ~/.ssh/config:

Host ancardia
HostName Ancardia.Uk.To
User your-username
ServerAliveInterval 60
Compression yes


See the documentation for your terminal emulator. In general:


There is a little problem with the terminal bell - spectators are able to send it. You should disable the bell from the playing/spectating terminal.

If the game happens to crash, there is a restore system that allows you to restore the last save game. IMPORTANT:

In #adom on Freenode, there is a bot named AdomDBbot. Use "@m monstername" for detailed concise info about a monster, and "@i itemname" for detailed concise info about an item.

Also, you can enable your user directory to be accessible (read-only) at http://Ancardia.Uk.To/adom_users/username. You can enable or disable this access any time you wish. Useful for exporting character dumps, configs, etc.!

The source code for ADOM Sage, with Alucard's modifications, can be found on GitHub.

The source code for the star sign selector, and a version for Windows, is available.

Contact and Thanks

Ancardia.Uk.To is run by Alucard <>

Please report any trouble to #adom on Freenode. If you need further assistance, especially user account or password maintenance, send Alucard <> e-mail.

You might also want to visit the #adom channel in IRCNet, but then again you might not want to. There is also #adom on Freenode (newer, smaller, and friendlier).

Huge thanks to Chousuke, Vladimir Panteleev, jaakkos, and sorear for making all this possible!

Sensible enhancement ideas are also welcome! Have fun playing!